Sunday 21 September 2014

The Great Wave

So I've been a musician for a while, but never really thought to put any of my stuff out there to make money off it. After cranking out four songs this weekend, I though it might be a good idea to put something together and show off some of the insanity that goes on in my head.

You can listen to the full EP on SoundCloud here, or if you're interested in downloading the full album you can do so by leaving a minimum PayPal donation of $4.99 (CAD) (or whatever you think it's worth) and I will send you the files directly. This is only temporary until I can get my artist account set up on Google Play. All proceeds will go towards making more and better music and upgrading my equipment.

Thanks in advance for listening,

Monday 14 July 2014


I suppose I should share the one I made today too, eh?

This one's real simple, soft and sandy.


Nova Prime, 8 x 5 sub-griddery, no margins or shadows, and Zooper.

Get it here.

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Regardless, I hope you enjoy.
Thanks for reading!